Friday Favorites - Health & Fitness Edition - Free Shit and Discounts Too!!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Linking up with the beautiful Miss Amanda for some healthy favorites today...
Meet At The Barre
I have never been so happy to see Friday. Well, that's not true at all but I am just as ready for the weekend as I always am. My boss lives in another state so he only comes into town every other week for 3 days and this was Boss week. And that means Amy is twice as busy as a non-boss week. In my own mind really because my boss is really cool but I put more pressure on myself and he makes me nervous. Whatever, it's weird I know. Top that off with ex-douchebag drama and you have yourself a real Charlie Sheen of a week... as in #winning... like "the south will rise again" winning which actually means losing. Yeah, so let's focus on some stuff we all like, healthy goodness, cute work out jazz, free schwag and bow chicka wow wow discount codes. So if you like all of that,  sit your fabulous donk down heee-yah and read on!

Bolder Band Headbands

First up... I like head wear. Hats, head bands, hair clips, visors, bandanas, scarves... whatever. Also I sweat like a whore in church when I'm playing tennis, or running or basically when I put my body in motion at all in the GA heat. Enter the Bolder's a cute head wrap type band that stays in place when you're working out, keeps the sweat out yo eyes and... looks super cute!!! Win, win... and more win. For the rest of the month you can go over to and get you one for 10% off when you enter the promo code CrazyWise10off so go pick one out and send me a pic of how cute you look or tag my arse on IG. I love mine! Me, my little one and my oldest daughter with family doing the Atlanta Dog Jog last weekend... sporting the Bolder Band... she stole it! Aaaaaaand..... I have a Red Bandana print Bolder Band with your name on it. Just see the giveaway at the end of this post! Thanks Amy at Bolder Bands!!

      Ruffles with Love

Next up another one of my favorites... Ruffles with Love tank tops. I have a few and I love them and always get compliments on them. They wear well and are super comfy and the sayings on them are motivational, inspirational and just plain funny. Like these, my personal faves. Sorry they are boob shots, I have boobs...

Please, please go buy some for yourself or a girlfriend and enjoy 15% off if you enter the promo code CRAZYforRUFFLES at checkout! Thanks Vanessa!!!

This one I haven't tried yet but I am in love with the concept of Nayad Aqua Sportswear. As you all know I play a lot of tennis and love to hit the pool afterward. Have you ever tried getting out of sweaty tennis clothes and into a dry suit? It ain't pretty or fun. How great would it be to rinse off and just jump in the pool in double duty active/swim wear? They are a little on the pricier side but I do see a difference in the higher end workout wear. It is especially important in the summertime heat when your skin is more prone to chafing and heat rashes and such. I know it's not sexy but working out in 100 degree summer heat you might get a little chub rub now and then. I'll pay extra for higher quality construction and fabrics to avoid that. Will report back!

And now is your chance to get sumthin' fer' nuthin' as they say here in the South. One super cute Red Bolder Band-ana to keep you hair purdy and your face sweat-less on you next workout. I will personally send it to you with love! Winner announced on Tuesday!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Oh and also let's just #backthatazzup while we're at it with Whit... and  Trick Daddy... cause even though I hate em' this would be a good jam for like eleventy bajillion squats or possibly something you might do with someone you met on Tinder. But I'm not sure. Will report back on that too...

Lets Go Ft. Twista Lil Jon by Trick Daddy on Grooveshark


  1. I'm the same way about my boss. I do exactly the same thing when they're around as I do when they're not but for some reason you just feel so much more PRESSURE! haha

  2. LOVING the Ruffles w/ Love tanks and of course that headband...would be perfect for working out!

  3. oooooh i want all the tanks. my really big boss is totally awesome, but i always feel super awkward and weird around him, who knows why.

  4. I spend so much money on workout things and now I want some of those tanks and hair bands! Girl you have been killing it with your workouts and clean eating (I mean from stalking your Insta ;-) I hope you have a great weekend thanks for linking up!! xoxo

  5. Awesome deals - I'm going to check out those sites now! Thanks.

  6. Love all your fancy deals and who doesn't love a cool headband!! Hope your weekend rocks!

  7. Ohhh going to be clicking around all these deals now!